The best day of my life… and the agonising planning process.

So, after waiting two years since the proposal, the day came where we would promise our lives to each other, for better for worse. During these two years I found the process of planning a wedding, unlike any normal bride to be, extremely stressful and at times boring. No, I couldn’t tell you why I felt like this, however I have often speculated on a couple reasons as to why I didn’t enjoy it. Was it because I didn’t have a never ending pit of money, so that I could organise a wedding extravaganza, no expense spared? Or was it because I was never one of those little girls who was sat in her bedroom planning her fairytale wedding? You might be wondering, if thats how I felt throughout the process of planning the biggest day of my life, how on earth did I pull it off? Truth is, my superhero made this day happen.

My mum. The woman who brought me up and has made me into the person I am today. At times extremely annoying and childish, but hey, we can’t all be perfect, right? My mum planned the most important day of our life. She planned everything from invites, in fact she made those, but I helped… or at least I tried to help. She helped me decide who to invite after scratching names out and then re-writing them, only to scratch them out again. I know I know, why didn’t I know who to invite, but it’s hard to realise whether you are inviting people because you like them or because you feel you should, after all, you did invite their cousin. Anyway, my mum was a real superstar when it came to planning my wedding, so all credit for that day has to go to my superhero in life, mumma Dean.

Now for the day itself, full of tears, laughter, embarrassment and excitement. Nothing will compare to that feeling of walking down the aisle to the love of your life. Your wedding day will be the best day of your life, regardless of how much money you spent or whether that aunt you really wanted there, didn’t turn up. Posing for photographs on the day soon becomes monotonous but will also be the photos you’ll cherish forever and show your children and then your grandchildren. My advice? Don’t worry about the small things and enjoy the day for what it is, the best day of your life.



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