No fashion here I’m afraid. Be warned! The Walking Dead MAJOR SPOILER!

So I thought I would do a blog about what subjects I am likely to talk about. There’s a little clue at the top of my page, but I thought I would divulge a bit more.

Firstly, if you’re looking for tips on style and fashion then unfortunately you have most definitely come to the wrong place. Most people who know me will know that my general overall look, are leggings and a long (usually baggy) top. Why? Well, do you know that comment Regina George makes in Mean Girls, “sweat pants are the only thing that fits me right now”, well that’s me because I have absolutely no self control when it comes to food. Oh and by the way, if you don’t know that Mean Girls reference, then “YOU CANT SIT WITH US!”. Anyway, I’ll bore you another time with my dietary problems.

I have to stick to a material that is stretchy and can mould to my leg shape, hence, the leggings. No embarrassment here, I’m sure we’ve all been there. So, baggy tops? Yep, this is unfortunately because I would prefer to hide my six pack. I don’t want anyone getting jealous or anything. Now, footwear? That will depend on what season it is, boots for winter and flip flops for summer. Done.

I’m one of those people who will see my friends in really nice outfits and think, why do I always look like a sack of shit and they look like they’ve just come out of a Vogue magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are clothes to suit all body shapes but I unfortunately feel that usually these clothes are uncomfortable. Yes, I like jeans but when you undo that button it’s like the heavens have opened and you can breath again. So for me, I always go for comfort over style.

I am most likely to talk about pets and tips on many different struggles you can find with them. I’ll talk about the latest book I read and whether it’s worth a read for all you book readers. Maybe I’ll talk about family life and you may also find I’ll talk about an awesome episode of The Walking Dead. WE STILL MISS YOU GLEN!

Really, what I wanted to get across to my readers is that, if you want advice and knowledge on what “garments” go best together or what this seasons new “to die for accessory” is, then my blog is not for you. But, if you want to read possibly funny rants, advice on your pet/s, reviews on good books/films/tv shows or other stuff like the above, then stick around.

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