Being a customer assistant.

I thought I would do a blog about what it is to be a customer assistant. After talking to a friend about what I could blog about next and going through the many subjects flying around my head, I thought, right, im going to be the voice for all those customer assistants out there who would love to say what it’s really like. The good, the bad and the ugly.

I’ve worked as a customer assistant in many different companies and each come with different customer demographics. If there’s one thing I don’t understand about customers, is that why when something they’re not happy about, is it the customer assistants fault. Why do they feel the need to say “oh that’s ridiculous” or “can’t you just do it this once” or even “you’re such a jobs worth”? Wait, what, excuse me? So because we’re doing our jobs and sticking to the rules, we are “jobs worths”. But still, we reply “I’m very sorry you feel this way, is there anything else I can do to help?” when really you want to shout “go away you complete moron!”. Many will agree that you begin to question whether these people have any social skills at all. Those people who think because you have said no, that calling down the manager will miraculously change the policies of the company. Which makes it all the more satisfying when your manager repeats exactly what you’ve already said. HA!

I remember a day when I was threatened by a customer, whilst I was stood next to my manager, saying that he was going to throw his drink over me. Why, you ask? Because it didn’t taste right and we thought it was fine. Obviously one of those, want something for nothing types. Do you ever just look at someone and think “is there something wrong with you? Like are you broken!” Yeah a lot of us CA’s think this… often.

Or what about the time where I witnessed a lady (if you can call it that) literally scream at my colleague because she didn’t notice her and served someone else before her. She actually shouted so that everyone in the building could hear her. What I wanted to say was “ALRIGHT!! Calm down sweetheart, is this tantrum really necessary?”, but instead this bullshit “the customer is always right” rule sprung into mind and we said “we’re very sorry, it was a mistake and not intentional, how can I help”. What. The. Fudge!.

No! The customer is not always right but to avoid losing our job, we roll over and accept the way, we are quite often, spoken to. This is why I’m happy to be in the job I am now, sure, you get the odd one but the nice ones far outweigh the others and these ones are actually grateful for what you’ve done for them.



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