Change of plan…

Ok so if you read my previous blog about how I was doing a boxing event, this has changed. Why? You ask. I have decided to pull out, not because I want to because believe me I was raring to go and had already been to one training session. As well as this, my husband had even bought me some amazing boxing gloves worth up to £70. That’s dedication. So I’m not chicken, I am fully aware I could of been hit in the face several times. Anyway, now that you know it’s not a decision that I have made easily, I want to explain why.

Why I have pulled out.
Before beginning our training we all had a meeting with the gentlemen who run this event and train you. They made it clear we had to sell 15-20 tickets. I thought, ok fair enough, it’s ok I have at least seven weeks to do so. This was not the case. We were then informed that we had to sell 15 by week four. Holy Moly! That’s tough I thought, but I accepted the challenge and went on to try everything I could to sell these tickets. It was great, I was having a lot of people saying they’re definitely going to come and support me. What absolute legends right? Some said they couldn’t pay until payday. No problem! As it wasn’t until four weeks time that I have to have sold them and payday is going to be within that time frame. Here comes the part that ultimately made the decision for me to pull out. We were then told that we had to sell TEN tickets by the second week, that’s this Saturday and I had only gained money for ONE ticket. I have been bombarding people with texts ever since signing up. Although Cancer Research is an amazing cause to raise money for. The ticket sales money would be going to the “putting on” of the event and I don’t doubt that it’ll be an amazing night. The problem I had was that if say six people bought tickets to watch me fight. That’s still not enough people. Not enough people means I don’t fight. End of. These people may not watch or even like boxing at all but have only bought tickets to watch me fight. These people unfortunately wouldn’t be able to get a refund and in this day and age £20 is a lot of money to part with. Especially if they don’t get to see what they paid to see.

I knew from the start that we had to sell a minimum of 15 tickets and I was up for the challenge. But, when they kept putting time frames onto when we have to have sold them by, it just kept adding more anxiety and stress to my everyday life. I’ve got enough of that without adding to it, so I thought for the sake of my own sanity I am going to pull out. I didn’t like how pressurised I have felt about selling tickets and it seems I am not the only one as at least half of the people signed up, are all having the same problem. Unfortunately, unlike some people, we don’t all have the money to spend £350 on a VIP table or buy the tickets outright ourselves and then sell them. It just wasn’t realistic for me. Whilst I’m very dissapointed in the fact I’ve had to pull out, I’ve taken on a new and more realistic challenge that doesn’t ask too much.

Torbay Half Marathon
So! To conclude, I have signed up for the Torbay Half Marathon, taking place on Sunday the 25th June 2017. I am continuing to fund raise for Cancer Research UK so that those who have already made donations need not be dissapointed. I already run now and then, so I am looking forward to upping my training and succeeding in a great event.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and please see my Twitter page (LauraJade_U) for information on how to donate. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel at I’ll be doing a review on the black mask AND showing you how to pipe your frosting/buttercream into roses for your cupcakes.

Bye for now.

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