My ordeal with a busy body…

I hadn’t planned to do a blog today but I feel like I need a good rant. You all know I love a good rant! So today my mother and I decided it was a lovely morning so why not take the dogs down to the local field for a good run. I was looking forward to letting my two CRAZY Cocker Spaniels run around like headless chickens. However when we arrived there was a huge tractor type machine, cutting the grass. Now, my mums dog Darcy unfortunately thinks it’s a huge game to go and chase it and knowing that my ten month old has questionable recall, I knew he would chase after it with her and I didn’t want to add another bad habit to the long list he has. It wasn’t long ago that I was watching Supervet and a poor Cockerpoo had sustained a terrible leg injury due to a lawn mower. So you can imagine what a giant tractor “lawn mower” could do if the dogs, god forbid, got caught. 
We carried on walking towards the bottom end of the field, away from the tractor. At the end of this field was an Astro Turf ground that had its door open and the dogs ran in, we thought, at least they’re safe in here. So we chucked the a ball a couple times, wasn’t in there any longer than ten minutes before a BUSY BODY decided it was acceptable to take pictures. When has it EVER been ok for someone to take pictures without consent? Those of you who know my mum, can imagine what happened next. Cross words were exchanged and then he walked off. We weren’t doing any harm, in fact, we called he owners of the Astro turf and explained what happened and just said that we were only ten minutes. They thanked us for letting them know and wasn’t even that bothered, commenting on how much wildlife must go in there during the night and for us not to worry. This “man” even commented, not in so many words, saying that he’d rather our dogs were hurt or worse killed, than us use the Astro turf for TEN MINUTES. He needs to get a grip! 
Really my main point of this blog is that some people just look for any excuse to be angry and pick a fight. There is so much more going on in the world without picking fights because there are some dogs on an Astro turf. To take pictures was just ridiculous. We’re not a pair of criminals, we just wanted our dogs to be safe. We weren’t causing any harm to anyone and people like that aren’t worth the time of day. If it wasn’t for him taking pictures, we would’ve just thought he’s a grumpy busy body throwing dirty looks. If this was how interesting his life was that he has to argue with a fellow dog walker just wanting to enjoy them having fun, then I pity him.
All I’ll say is that life is too short to argue over such trivial things. Life is too short to hold grudges. Hey! If this idiot came up to us and apologised right now, I’d accept it and move on. But unfortunately people are too wrapped up in their own self righteousness. I hate confrontation so this had me shook up and the only thing I mustered up the courage to say is “well you’re just a busy body”! I don’t do well in arguments at all, I’m always the person who says, “ah I should’ve said that”. Oh well, I hope his day is fulfilled now that he’s had an argument with two women. I accept that we probably shouldn’t have been on the Astro turf but for god sake, it’s not the crime of the century is it? Like my mum said, I would rather endure a mouthful from him than to potentially have an injured dog. 
Rant over, let’s move on! Be happy and be kind! 
Bye for now…

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