Little update. Including FLORIDA!

Things are looking up, I’m feeling positive and I’m getting ready to kick ass in the Torbay Half Marathon. A couple of weeks ago I told you how I stepped away from the Boxing Challenge. Ever since then I’ve been finding whatever time I can to run and gradually build up my miles. I started on running three miles at a time, then a week ago I ran with a colleague, who is a member of the running club and I ran 5.5 miles. I was so proud of myself and I only stopped a couple times to go up hills. I really felt it though, I ended up walking around like my legs were about to give way right beneath me. It was good that I ran with someone who trains every week because it gave me the motivation to “keep up” and carry on. I would be lying if I said I was excited for the race, in fact, I’m really worried. I’m worried I’ve been too ambitious and I’ve taken on a challenge too big because I was worried about letting my friends and family down. The ones who so kindly donated. BUT, you don’t get anywhere by sitting back worrying you might fail. So it’s up and at ’em, full steam ahead and all that jazz!

Yes you heard me, I’m going to FLORIDA. I’m so beyond excited. I’m going with my Husband Joni, my sister Stacey and her boyfriend Dan. We’re staying in the same villa we stayed in the last time we went and it’s brilliant. So homely and such a treat to stay in, it really is the cherry on the cake. Do you know what I’m most excited about at the moment? Arriving and then going straight to Wallmart and doing a two weeks worth food shop. I can just smell the crispy strips of bacon that I cook in the morning before we head out and the POP TARTS. So the last time we went we did a lot of Universal and Islands of Adventure. I was 21 and we were meant to be sharing the holiday with my mum and step dad, but unfortunately due to health reasons my mum couldn’t come. So this meant that I was the designated driver and it was petrifying but so convenient. Therefore I have designated myself to be the driver this time round as well. I am by no means saying I’m experienced to drive in a different country, but I feel now that I have, I am the better option and I don’t think I would be comfortable with anyone else driving.

This is the first picture we took when we arrived!

Myself and my husband in front of the Hogwarts Express!!

I cannot wait to go to Universal and go to the new Walking Dead Attraction. I am a massive Walking Dead fan so this is so amazing for me, I’m bursting with excitement to go šŸ˜. We have done a Walking Dead Walkthrough before as we actually bought tickets to the horror nights for Universal back in 2014. It was great and those who know me, know that I love a good horror and scare maze. The other ride I’m excited to go on is King Kong Skull Island!! This ride wasn’t there when I last went so it’s great to go back and there be new rides to experience. I just keep youtubing videos of rides and it gets me all giddy like a child. This time round though, we’re going to explore a bit more. We want to go to The Kennedy Space Centre, Everglades and to a good waterpark. We went to Wet N Wild in 2014 which is situated only round the corner from Universal and it was fun but for all of one hour. After that we got bored as we had done all of the slides. We’re going in September next year so we’re hoping the sun will be shining for us, then we can try and top up the tan too.

My sister on out first day at Universal Studios 2014

Anyway this was just a little update for now, I’ll be doing more blogs on my holiday a bit nearer the time. So this is just a taster. Thanks for reading, bye for now.


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