Life is not a competition!

Something happened this morning which sparked up my anxiety and general paranoia. I saw something on a social media site that was possibly directed at me. It might not have been but it seems a bit of a coincidence. It’s a shame that people today feel the need to post indirect comments without first approaching someone and just talking about it.

It seems that everyone’s always in competition with each other. Whether that be who’s got the most followers or who has lost the most weight in the same period of time. I don’t get it. I don’t get why as woman, we feel the need to bring each other down instead of supporting one another. Why can’t we build each other up and not feel like everything is a competition? Well soppy as this may sound, we are all our own unique individuals. We all have our own thoughts, opinions, interests and hobbies. People should respect that and maybe not assume that everyone is out to get them.

Image from Thegirlwhowouldbeking blog

It’s just a thought I had today when I saw something that upset me. It could be quite silly to be getting upset when it could have absolutely nothing to do with me. You know what I’m like. Unfortunately social media is a very dangerous but also, to us bloggers, important tool. It’s dangerous because it can cause many issues unnecessarily and a lot of people use it to hide behind.
My main point of this short post is to tell you all that we have enough people bringing us down without adding to the list. Let’s just be happy and support each other, be kind because life is way too damn short!! Bye for now.

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